In our busy country, many people in poor communities and slums don’t have easy access to healthcare or know how to stay healthy. They don’t have enough resources and means to stay healthy and prevent diseases, making them more likely to get sick. Not knowing about problems early makes things even worse, and this leads to more problems and suffering.


In a challenging context, the Red Foundation’s Swasth Bharat initiative is a ray of hope. With a focus on preventive healthcare, the foundation proactively brings medical services to underserved areas, organizing regular checkup campaigns in marginalized communities, slums, and more. These campaigns offer health screenings, consultations, and vital advice on wellness. Dedicated volunteers raise awareness about hygiene, sanitation, and disease prevention, empowering people with crucial knowledge. Additionally, blood donation camps address urgent medical needs. This comprehensive approach cultivates health consciousness, preventing emergencies.

However, there is still work to be done, and you can help. Your help can make a difference in a child’s life. It makes no difference if you can contribute a lot or a little – every little amount matters. Imagine the joy these children will have once they are able to study and feel more secure. Let’s work together to provide these kids an improved education and a better life.

How you can contribute